Puppy Plans

Most puppies are spoken for in advance, depending on the number of puppies our girls have. Please complete a Questionnaire. We do not respond to other email questions about puppies without first having a questionnaire on file. Thank you. 

A note to people who are submitting questionnaires - we’re getting them, I promise. And thank you for them. In the last 30 days, we’ve had 35 come in. We try to be super transparent on the questionnaire page there will be a delay in a response. We’ve recently confirmed two more missed breedings, for a grand total of 6 missed breedings done in 2020. Both of mom’s girls missed for a total of 4 times just between the two of them. It’s taking a toll. Not just emotionally, but very much financially. Even my two litters will have us making only a dent in our veterinary and breeding costs from 2020. You read that right, a dent. We need to regroup, but at this time Amanda is the one who does questionnaire responses and there physically aren’t enough hours in the day right now while working 40 hours a week, plus caring for 2 litters and all of the correspondence that goes along with that….and there's a lot.

We will not be responding to any questionnaire or inquiry until at LEAST mid-March. We wish we had other breeders to refer you to who hold the same standards, but unfortunately there aren’t in the province we'd be comfortable recommending who are actively breeding. We will try once more with Sera, and hope a third time is the charm, but we’re not banking on it. If so, her litter is sold regardless of the number of puppies. As a result, our next planned breedings will be taking place this summer, which HOPEFULLY means puppies this Fall, if stars start aligning and we get into the right headspace to try it all again. 


We would urge you to look at the Keeshond Club of Canada website if you’re in Canada for a list of breeders who have signed a Code of Ethics, and the Keeshond Club of America if you’re in the USA. As always, make sure to still verify information by looking up registered names and confirming it on OFA. 


Thank you for your understanding.

Pictures and updates will be posted on our Keesridge Kennels Facebook page:

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Coursing Ability

Rally &


​So you want a puppy?

Introducing a puppy to your family is one of the biggest decisions you can make. We are here to help you understand all that is involved, and making sure the Keeshond is the right breed for your family, before you get one. 

Spay and Neuter Information

Trust is of paramount importance when placing our puppies. We trust that our families are responsible, and will honour our Non-Breeding agreements and contracts. We are advocates for later spay/neuter.

Vaccination Protocol

We want was is best for our puppies, and that includes helping them stay safe from infectious diseases. It also means being an advocate for vaccinations and treatments that are helpful versus harmful. 

Training Links

Training is a lifelong endeavour with your Keeshond, well past the initial puppy stage. From trick work to obedience to being a polite dog to live with, we offer some tips and links to help you. 

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